Thursday, February 14, 2013

Home Decorators $2000 Giveaway!

Hey you want to win a $2000 gift card to    sure wouldn't turn it down!

I got an email that they will be giving away a $2k gift card soon and all you have to do to win is design a bedroom or bathroom using at least 10 of their products and pin them on Pinterest on a specific board...Easy Peasy...and way better odds than the lottery!   Personally, I thought this contest was super fun!
You have to, of course, follow all the terms and conditions but I read over them and it wasn't anything too crazy.  See the whole contest rules here:  Home Decorators Contest Rules.

So...I wanted to go ahead and show you what I pinned (you know, in case I don't win--ha ha) and just so you to know,  I changed my board three times!!  ;-)      First, I did a contemporary bathroom because that is what I would use the giftcard for if I won.  Then I decided that bathrooms are sort of boring, so I decided to change my board to a bedroom theme.    I started off with a rustic bedroom plan...but halfway though, I decided to change it up to a girly bedroom (my favorite).  Ha!  Is anyone else this fickle?

Here is a link to my board:  Nina's Home Decorators Board

And here is a screen shot in case you do not participate in Pinterest (and if you don't, you are missing out).

I really am in love with the purple/green combo!!!   I don't care if it was a color scheme that came and left years ago.

I would absolutely love it, if someone I knew won!  So...go on...what are you waiting for???   This is a fun contest and the last day to enter is February 17th!!   Make sure you read all the rules so you don't get disqualified on some dumb technicality.

Oh yeah, if you want to share your board, please do!!!!