Thursday, February 16, 2012

El Cheapo Cabinet Organization Part Deux

How did that title grab you?  English, Spanish, French all in one concise phrase...I want everyone to feel welcome here :-)

Anyway, my last post on organization showed you how to use cheap curtain rods to secure some of your cabinet "stuff" --in my case:  pot and pan lids, as well as some cookie sheets.  Today's version is more about the upper cabinets...or cupboards as my mom calls them. Photobucket
As you can see in my picture here....this cabinet stores a lot of miscellaneous items--including my measuring cups.  I actually have three sets of plastic measuring cups in there: two white sets and a pink set.  The white sets have been taken off of their ring and guess what?  Both sets have missing pieces, namely the 1 cup measuring cup!  Seriously, where does this stuff disappear to?  Because of the mysterious missing pieces, I have kept the pink set in tact (on a ring)...which is sort of a pain when I try to use it....thus bringing me to the organizational tool of the day:

Cup holders!!
. Cupholders

Before I move on, I would like to say that I think it is a bit ridiculous when you go to the store and can only find white, gold or red cup holders on the shelf.  No silver, bronze, or black.  Really, Lowes?  Get with the program: no one uses gold any more.  Please have your corporate buyers refer to this post.  Geez!

Because of the lack of appropriate finish, I was forced to paint the little buggers, good thing I had some brown paint on hand.....I know no one will really ever see them but I am a weirdo like that. 

Anyway...I am going to jump to the finished product:

Sweet eh?  No more searching for the right size.  Also, I will know immediately if a cup goes missing...especially handy if my bachelor children have been visiting lately.  :-)

To attach the cup holders to the door panel I used paint sticks that were cut to size and stained.  I then used two sided velcro because 1) I had it on hand and 2) somehow in my warped, little mind I thought it would mean that I wouldn't have to put permanent holes in my cabinets.  Nope.  To secure the cup holders they had to be screwed into the cabinet....I almost had a major snafu, so be careful if you try this yourself....the inside panel of the door is fairly thin (at least at my house it is).

Since 40 cup holders come in a pack, I also used them for what they are designed for...holding cups!  Check out my current "coffee" cabinet. 
You may notice that none of my cups match and 90% of them are Christmas themed....yep, that is how we roll in this house!

I think this will work out a little nicer, don't you think?
At least now they won't just roll out of the cabinet on their own when the door opens....I've lost many good mugs that way.

Anyway, this fun little project cost less than $4.  I got the inspiration from infarrantlycreative who did something similar (but a little nicer) to her own cabinets. 

Well...that's all I got for today people...rock on.  :-)