Friday, May 31, 2013

Modern Vintage Door Knob

My decorating style is changing...

Its been happening for a while now, I find myself more and more drawn to craftsman style/modern vintage decor.  Is that even a style?  I think modern-vintage is a good descriptor because I still want things to be somewhat matchy but yet, I like the vintage look--you know, new things that are made to look like they are vintage :-).  Does that make any sense?

This Whirlpool commercial features the kind of style of home I am loving right now:

I love everything about it (other than the upper walls need to be painted something other than white).  I love the flat panel millwork, those shaker style doors and the crystal door knobs (ah.... I really love those doorknobs) and even the lighting fixtures are cool looking.  I just dig it.  By the way, I would love to hear how you would classify that style of home..craftsman, or cottage-y maybe??? 

Anyway, I have officially decided that if I had the opportunity to build a new house today, I would go with a similar style....I would ditch all of my current furnishings and start from scratch.  :-)

Since that probably isn't going to happen today, or anytime soon for that matter, I took the liberty of buying this little gem off of eBay (in an effort to satisfy my current fetish):

Isn't it cute?  Allegedly, it is true vintage...I have my doubts (it looks brand new)...but regardless, I bought it for just six dollars and I think it would be adorable as a closet door knob in the upstairs bedroom that I am currently working on (more on that later).  The brass part of the knob will have to go....I still do not like brass, but I can spray paint that part with no issues.  The issue will be figuring out how to install it on the closet since that is not what it is designed for  Tee hee. :-)

So there it is....a modern-vintage door knob and my not-so-big project for the weekend.  What about you, what are you working on?  Do share!

Friday, May 24, 2013

How to Keep the Extending Pool Pole from Sliding Down (Slipping)

Hey Y'all

I haven't done anything exiting to the house lately, otherwise you would have seen it here! (darn, I know  tee hee).

Anyway, today I am going to share with you an epiphany I had while cleaning the pool.

First of all, let me say that extendable pool poles work great when you first get them, but after several years of use by tightening and untightening them, they just don't seem to hold think the extension is secure, but as you push down on the pole it begins to annoying (and time consuming to keep retightening the darn thing).  Well today was my last day of this frustration:  as I was cleaning the pool, I finally thought of a solution to this problem!

Hair bands!  Regular ol' no-frill hair bands:

They work great, and are super easy to remove when you are done!  The only suggestion I would make is to make sure to wrap them at least three times; once they are really tight around the pole, you are good to go!  No more pole slippage!  YAY! 

So some of you may be thinking...what about duct tape...that fixes everything!?  I agree and love duct tape, AND it probably would work just fine except for one thing:  it is a booger to remove when you are done.  In my household, we like to store our pool equipment out of sight when not in use, so duct tape (or any other kind of tape for that matter) wasn't a good is just not worth the frustration of trying to remove it each time to get the pole back down to a storable size: 

So there you go...I know this is sort of a dumb post, but surely I am not the only pool owner that has been dealing with this little issue...I hope it helps someone out there :-)

Have a great Memorial Day weekend everyone and don't forget to give pause for the reason we have this holiday.  God Bless our Troops, especially those who have given their all. 

Ciao for now!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Feeling Good

Hey Y'all: 

I have learned to never underestimate the value of a compliment. 

The reason I bring this up is because the other day I received a nice little postcard from my Homeowners Association:


It doesn't matter that they probably sent these out in mass still made my day reading it.  Thank you HOA! 

Maybe its my new flowers that got their attention:


Hubby and I planted these about a month or so ago.  Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE petunias?  They are so easy to grow and one of the few full-sun varieties of flowers that can last for months. 

Its hard to tell but we actually planted them in shallow containers.   I wanted something low to the ground so that the sprinklers would water them....and I am happy to say the plan worked!  I did not want to dig up an area for the flowers because the last time I did that (and spent close to 100 bucks on flowers) they were raided and ruined by the Sand Hill Cranes....UGH! 

So far it appears that the cranes are not interested in the yay to that!

Anyway, I am going to remember how nice it felt to read that postcard and be a little more mindful in the the area of compliments....a kind word can really make someones day.

But for now, let me go ahead and wish everyone (an early) Happy Mother's Day!  I hope your weekend is one that is full of sunshine, flowers, and compliments.


Friday, May 3, 2013

Two Peas in a Pod?

I believe I have mentioned in the past, that I like to look at houses via  I ESPECIALLY like looking at houses in my very own neighborhood.  I am just nosey curious that way. 

Anyway, as I was perusing the website the other day, I came upon a new listing that is the same house plan as mine with a few minor being that the garage is on the left side of the house where as mine is on the right (so we have the same house, just flipped).  Anyway, as I was clicking through the pictures I was surprised and a little tickled that the owner of this house (I am going to refer to her as a female, although I have no idea who lives there) has similar taste as me. 

For example:  We have the same dining room furniture (although I threw in a couple of extra chairs in mine):

My house:

Her house:

In addition to the matching furniture, apparently we both think it is perfectly acceptable to use palm trees in the dining room.   This is Florida after all :-).

Moving on to the living room....

My house:

Her house:

Neither one of us are shy about using white furniture (her kids must be grown too).    And a big ole banana tree   LOL!!!  That cracked me up.  Seriously, how many people put banana trees in their living room???  Well, at least two of us do.

It looks like we both agree that garages need to get decorated too: 

My house:

Her house:

This was a fun house to look at.  And although there were a few other similarities, there were a few differences too.  Clearly, I use color a little more liberally...but then again, she is moving, so she might have neutralized her home for that purpose.  Regardless, I enjoyed the compare and contrast activity on this otherwise rainy, boring day.   

Ahhh...goodness.  Too bad this lady is moving, I might just want to go over an introduce myself.

Well, that is all I have to share today....I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!   I am personally ready for the rain to go away and the sun to come and play.... :-)

Ciao for now!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Coconut Oil...We Might Be on to Something Here

Good Morning Friends, I normally would not include something like this on my blog but I have stumbled upon something that is SERIOUSLY I felt the need to share:

Coconut Oil....who knew?

I have been complaining of "brain fog" for the last several years...and because I had a grandmother who suffered from Alzheimer's disease, I have become increasingly paranoid with every word that I forget....have I mentioned that I am a hypochondriac???...oh yea, I am pretty sure I have <sigh>.  Anyway, a friend of mine recently shared with me an excerpt of a CBN news story that featured a doctor who used coconut oil to curb the dementia of her husband.

Here is the video clip:

After watching it, I thought...what do I have to lose?...I will see if it helps me.  So I started using the coconut oil.  At first, I attempted to mix it in with my food....but that really did not work out too well, so now I just take a heaping tablespoon full (straight from the jar) before each meal. 

And guess what???

I think it is working!!   Seriously, I really feel like I am thinking more clearly.  I haven't forgotten anything lately and I have been able to carry on normal conversations without lost words...yay!!!  Of course, now I worry that maybe its just the placebo effect  LOL!!!   I am a mess!

However, in addition to my clearer mind, another interesting thing has happened:  Satiety!!!    I know for sure that this is not a placebo effect because I had no idea beforehand that coconut oil was an appetite suppressant!  I have since Googled it and confirmed that other people are reporting the same thing.

I am here to tell you...I am an eater....I can eat whether I am hungry or not (and it seems like I am hungry more often than not) so when I noticed that I wasn't hungry nor was I overly interested in eating, I thought hmmm...what is going on here???

For example, several days ago, my husband came home from the store with a mango key-lime pie...yum!  Normally I could devour that thing in one sitting, instead it sat in our fridge for several days, while he ate all but one piece.  What???  I promise you that has never happened before....pies do not last 24 hours in this house, they just don't.  I only had one piece and did not care one bit that the Hubs ate the rest.  Craziness, I tell you!

I am sure you are wondering if I have lost any weight...nope.  Although I am clearly not eating as much as I normally would, the coconut oil is loaded with calories (130 per Tbsp); BUT it is a nice feeling to not be interested in really is.  And the great thing about it, is that I don't feel nauseous (like other appetite suppressants make me feel) and I don't really feel full either...I am just not interested in eating....WEIRD!!!  I am not even interested in lunch or dinner, but I eat anyways because it is the right thing to do. ;-)

So what I am trying to get at here is that if you are suffering from old-age brain or are one of those people who walks around feeling hungry all the time, you might want to consider coconut oil.   Note: I am not a medical professional, so please do not perceive this as advice, I am just reporting what has happened to me.  Please do your own diligent research before starting any dietary program.

So that's it...crazy but true.  Out of curiosity, does anyone else have experience with coconut oil?   If you look it up on the Internet there are all kinds of wild claims....allegedly it can cure anything from a hang nail to HIV....I don't know about all that but I would be interested in hearing other people's experiences.  Please share!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mini Master Bedroom Makeover Before and After

Hello Friends:  I mentioned last week that I was going to post some after pics of my mini master bedroom makeover (sans a proper ceiling fan).

Here is a reminder of what it looked like before:

 photo MasterBedroombefore1_zpsb1687e60.jpg

 photo masterbedroombefore3_zpsd2991a71.jpg

 photo Masterbedroombefore5_zpsa2a3b189.jpg
I call it a mini-makeover because most of the furniture remained the same, as well as the carpet and major bed linens.  So you must be wondering...what the heck got changed???  Well let's take a looksie:
1.  First I experimented with paint (three different colors to be exact) and ended up with Iced Chocolate by Valspar.  It matched my bedspread that I bought right before Christmas (total coincidence by the way).  Here is the paint color, although it really doesn't have this pinkish hue on my walls.
2.  We added crown molding and painted it white to match the rest of the trim ... I love how it makes the dark paint color pop.
3.  I added my shabby chic candelabras.  I used battery operated votives for ease of use.
4.  Added window treatments on the bay window....plain white linen...perfect!
 photo bryanporterfield_zps809c4473.jpg

5.  Then there was the vintage Moroccan Wedding Blanket.... seriously, love, love, love!

 photo 18e1295b-5ee7-4060-8bff-f1e946409ba3_zpsd7e9c0d6.jpg

6.  We traded the old club chairs for ones that were a little more classy:
 photo 021_zpsf2ccb43b.jpg

7.  Lastly, I added a few furry items (an ottoman and a pillow) I just think they add sex appeal ... and who doesn't want that in their bedroom ;-)
 photo 023_zpsd8048bc9.jpg

Oh yea, I also took the metal canopy off the bed.  And that's about when you put those all together and you get this:

 photo 017_zpsffcc21f3.jpg
 photo 54744b5c-8139-4373-9649-e50b0c28f81e_zps150ac2bc.jpg

 photo 015_zps8448c440.jpg

 photo 014_zps11997f51.jpg
 photo 030_zps9b31c23f.jpg
Here are a couple side by side views:

So there you have it my I have mentioned before, I am fairly happy with the changes. Although we still have the large, masculine (power) furniture, the room now has a hint of femininity and romance.    Yay to that!
What are you working on???  Do share.

I decided to share this post with thriftydecorchick  it is a REAL blog!

Monday, April 1, 2013

A Problem with Budgeting

I will just go ahead and say it:  One problem with budgeting is that by the time you have the money for an item, it might be!

Y'all know by now that I have been sitting and waiting to switch out the ceiling fan in my bedroom.  My original plan was to take the one that is in there currently:

And move it to the office (where it really belongs) and then I was going to take the one from the office and move it to my bedroom.  This is the one that is currently in the office:

But here are the problems with that plan:  1.  The office fan is builder-boring (read cheap and generic looking)...reminder: I don't like builder-grade stuff.    2.  The one that is in the bedroom has a remote control...which I use Every.Single.Night. and the one that is in the office does not (that is a major issue).   3. The office fan does nothing to add to the ambiance that I am trying to create in my a reminder, I am looking for luxury and romance....this fan does not speak to either quality.   Bottom line:  Although it was a nice and economical thought, I just don't think I could live with the office fan in my bedroom.

Soo.... I have been waiting; waiting until a new budget cycle to buy a fan that is a little more exciting.  This is the one that I had in mind:
Source: Overstock

It was the right finish color, and I really like the big, rounded paddles...makes the fan more feminine looking (in my opinion).

Well, today was the day, April 1st, the start of a new budget cycle.  I woke up this morning and eagerly logged on to the computer to start spending my monthly allowance...and then I got this message:

UGH!  Seriously?  It was still available last week when I checked up on it!  Darn!  And what really sucks is that I even had a good coupon plus Overstock Dollars to use towards it!  Dang it, Dang it, Dang it!

Can you tell I am a little bummed here?

So I guess I will start searching for a new one... or then again, I might wait for it to be restocked and spend my money on something else...hmmm, decisions, decisions. 

Well, since I am showing you pics of ceiling fans, let me go ahead and slip in a picture of another one that I briefly considered:

Source: Overstock

I think this fan has luxury and romance written all over it! didn't make the cut because the finish was all wrong (which means I would have to spray paint the chrome parts) and it is crazy expensive...both of those items would throw the Hubs in a tizzy...and we don't want that. ;-)

So for now, I am going to be thankful that missing out on a ceiling fan purchase is the biggest problem of my day...and as long as it remains my biggest problem, then I am going to have a really good day.  Hooray for that! 

I will post before and after master pics soon....because my petty ceiling fan problem in probably not going to get rectified soon. 

In the meantime, why don't you share what is in your decorating budget this month?  You know I love this stuff!